Over the years I have conducted numerous physical and personal security assessments for businesses and executives. Part of that assessment has always included a sweep for hex bags and other physical curses. Using this knowledge, I must state that the CEO at the center of two of the most serious cyberattacks of the past year has been cursed. bad luck

How else could one explain such misfortune?

I reference: ‘SolarWinds’ ‘APT Actors Leverage Pulse Secure 0day’

I’ve learned that this kind of misfortune caused by ‘malice hexes’.

With a photo printer and simple household ingredients one can create powerful curses leveraging what insiders call ‘sympathetic magic’ to cause significant disruption to people’s lives.

Objects like nails can be used to ‘‘pierce’’ the defenses of networks and shards of glass or rusted objects can be used for malice and pain. Black string is used to bind the spell to the individual.

Hex Bags

By simply bundling the items in cloth and burning a candle, you too can start the process of applying, or remediating a curse. (Remediation in the following section). Simple incantations can be repeated to begin the process.

It should come as no surprise to even the most ardent skeptic that there is significant power in magic and also significant power within the psychic gestalt. This was probably best represented to those outside this domain of expertise in the movie ‘Mean Girls (2004)’ . ( IMDB 7.0/10? Are you serious? )

Burn Book

Words and Curses can have a profound and lasting impact on the lives of those targeted.

How to respond to Advanced Persistent Curses?

It’s important to start by examining your personal space for hex bags (or putsi bags) and other cursed objects, and burning them. Consider looking under the bed, in your car, office or other area you spend a lot of time for the cursed objects.

Defensive hexes can be used to mitigate or counteract the negative effects. Things like Cedar, Cinnamon, Mint, Nutmeg and Sage are powerful ingredients that can be used in charm bags, vials or worn on the body.

I urge you to consider the aura of your supply chain.

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